The Best of British

british_search_engineThere is a lot that Britain has to offer both as a name and as a country. In every direction you look at, there is some influence of the British people or government either now or in the past. British way of doing things has over the centuries spread to all corners of the globe. Indeed many parts of the world today attribute their current success or way of doing things to the influence of the British. Numerous seemingly simple things which serve as the best of British can be summarized into culture, history cuisine, cities and lifestyle.

Culture in many parts of the world is something that is cultivated over eons of years. The British culture never shies from exhibiting the grandest of tricks and ways to the rest of the world. It is a culture filled with specific ways of doing things and a particular way of greeting people. You will learn all about pride, ego, royalty and so much more from the British.

The history of the British is nothing short of spectacular. The middle dark ages provides a stark difference of how it was then and now. You will learn of wars, conquests, battles and defeats all in under the British name. If you want to know all about history in wars, success and the richness of the country in art or fashion, this is a name you shouldn’t navigate far away from.

What else to know about British people ?

Traditional cuisine combined with modern contemporary cuisine is something that many British people cherish dearly. Indeed, the art of perfecting the British cuisine has spread across the oceans to many territories. For many who sample this cuisine, this is the best of British.
The British towns and cities are iconic in their own unique way. No town or city or even a village comes with a one century history. Unlike many cities around the world, Britain has preserved sevethe best of britishral pages of history for every other village. You can listen to a particular tale about a certain city and objectively point out which one it is without having been told its name. That’s what Britain is all about –identity.

A most universal language is definitely English whose source is Britain. A majority of the global occupants know how to communicate in English. Even for those who don’t, they somehow feel left out and estranged when they leave their safe havens to explore the world. Over the years, there has been an evolution in the English language and this still remains the same. You get to enjoy the best of British when you explore the English language. The richness of the language and the opportunities it presents you with are like those of no other language.

There is a plethora of opportunities boiling in the British culture waiting to erupt into a fire of glory and magnificence. There is a distinctive British lifestyle which has over the years become a trademark for the Britons. There are cars to show the world, motorways to cruise at and music to enjoy. Don’t forget the science and sports which all form part of the best of British lifestyle.

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